Author: Rob Burman

Mr. Brooks

     Starring Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and Dane Cook, this tense thriller had several things to offer Sticks and Stones. Gruesome murders through throat slicing and a swinging, chained body that comes plummeting from the rafters. The Films Make-up

“Mort & Priss”

                Mort and Priss are an intergalactic couple (“couple” of buffoons!) on vacation when there’s a slight “mishap”. Shot in front of a green screen for a “still” photo shoot, they are to

The Monkey King

  The monkey King (Or “Uproar In Heaven” as it was being called as we shot it) Was a tremendously ambitious project with a cast consisting entirely of puppets or extravagant prosthetic make-ups with elaborate costumes and vast sets. This

I, Caveman

    What happens when you take 10, average Americans, give them the tools and clothing of 35,000 year old paleolithic people and let them loose in the Rocky mountains for ten days and nights? This was the premise of

The Hunchback

    The Hunchback is another demonstration make-up designed and created by Sticks and Stones Co-Founder, Rob Burman. As part of his series of Educational Courses Rob takes the students through each and every step in creating their own character

The Hudsucker Proxy

          The Hudsucker Proxy (“You know… For KIDS!”). Who can forget Charles Durning’s great run along the conference table and crash through the window, plummiting multiple stories to his death – Only to return later as

Honey I Blew Up The Kid!

                One of the more “high profile” projects we’ve been involved with was when Sticks and Stones co-Founder Jennifer McManus was asked to build giant clothing for “Honey I Blew Up The Kid”

The Genie

This grand and elaborate character make-up is one of the many designs created as demonstrations on the proper techniques of prosthetic makeup. The model is a lovely young Korean girl in her early 20’s; so in keeping with her Asian


        Here are images of some of the strange and exotic things that our client Gallagher likes to dream up for us. As anyone who is aware of his comedic genious would know, his ideas can be

Denny’s All Nighter Commercial

Here was a fun and fast paced project we did for the Denny’s Restuarants “All-Nighter” add campaign. We had just about fifteen days to produce these two animated puppets. While “Wade”, the T-Rex, had full head and mouth articulation along