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Rob Burman and Jennifer McManus
Sticks & Stones FX
Los Angeles, CA

Email:Click Here

Voice: (818) 352-9538
Fax: (818) 353-6979

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  1. My name is Robert Bitterman and I bring to a group called the Royal Rangers. It is a scouting progam for boy of the Assembly of God and I am part of the Sectional staff has the Ranger Players Coordinator (Production Coordinator) am I am doing a christian Power Rangers play next year and we have very little money and I am trying to make a Armor looking Power Rangers Costumes that I design and I am have trouble make the costumes. I would like some help if you can.

    Thank You and God Bless
    Robert Bitterman
    Ranger Players Coordinator
    (716) 280-3737

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