In his studio, charming and confident Make-up Effects Artist Rob Burman is surrounded by a plethora of fantastical displays ranging from twisted bodies, and rotting skeletons to much more glamorous work consisting of ultra-realistic animal puppets and ferocious creatures. In a large jar sits a severed head, an exact replica of the man himself.He is one of Hollywood’s beloved special effects artists and an idol to a new generation of up and coming talents looking to carve their own niche in the entertainment industry. Aspiring artists from around the country gather at his studio to learn from his 20- plus years of experience. In addition he has written, directed and starred in his own line of training videos entitled “The Video Guide To Special Make-up Effects” to aid these young hopefuls.

His family background includes five Make-up Artists, several Propmakers and Scenic Artists. His early childhood memories consist of watching his father, Tom Burman, create work for films like, “Planet Of The Apes” and television shows such as, “Lost In Space”. With that kind of background he found it only natural that he should continue in the same line of work. Starting out assisting on films like “Cat People” at his fathers studio he soon moved on to projects like “The Thing”, “Ghostbusters” and the 1985 Academy Award winner, “The Fly’.

 Going further back in this third generation artists family you find Rob’s grandfather Ellis Burman who was responsible for crafting many parts of the classic horror films including 1941’s The Wolfman. Ellis even crafted the silver-headed cane that finally causes the Wolfman’s demise!

His own mother, Sandra Burman, runs Burman Industries, Inc.. There they supply a wide variety of supplies to the entire Make-up Effects industry world wide. Rob, along with his wife and business partner Jennifer E. McManus, are currently involved in creating a line of “professional quality” prosthetics for retail sale through Burman Industries and other make-up companies.

With a reputation for quality craftsmanship, Rob’s talents have been utilized on well over 200 projects within the Film, Television, Video and Commercial industries. In 1994 Rob and Jennifer (who is also a Costume Designer) joined forces in founding Sticks & Stones. There they provide Makeup Effects, Costumes, Props and Puppets with a flare unequaled in these industries. Films like “Water World”, “Super Mario Brothers”, “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and “Disney’s Flubber” have all discovered the magic that is available to them at Sticks & Stones.

When asked what he likes to do best, this experienced professional replies, “What do you need?”

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