Below you will find a sampling of projects from Sticks & Stones FX and ome of them have links. Click any link to be taken to more details about what was done for the project and some sample photos of the work. More photos and information will be added as time allows. If you are interested in the work that is not shown here for a particular film, please contact us directly.

“Uproar In Heaven”
“Mission Impossible III”
“Tonight Show with Jay Leno”
MGM Grand Hotel “Haunted Mazes” (2)
“Barb Wire”
“Heaven’s Prisioners”

“Super Mario Brothers: The Movie ”
“Star Trek IX: Insurrection”
“Star Kid”
“Power Rangers”
” The Last Samurai”
“Enemy of the state”
“Ace Ventura 2”
“Lois and Clark”
“Vampire in Brooklyn”

3 Comments on “Filmography

  1. Hi, Just wanted to ask yall, What material did yall use to make the Power Ranger Movie suits yall did back in 95? Where can I find that kinda material,Going to next week to a planet hollywood to see yalls work in person excited about that,,Trying to make a suit. Have all the helmets, Just need to find some good material. thanks so much!!

    • It was a combination of materials. Polyurethane elastomers for the armor, and vinyl caoted spandex for most of the rest to give it a sleak finish. Some was leather, other parts fiberglass. Really tough build…

  2. Hi Rob, I was the power rangers #1 fan back in the day. I even had dreams of being the whit ranger. Ha ha, pretty funny. I’m 31 now. Anyway For strictly cosplay purposes only I was wondering could you make the white ranger movie version full suit for me? It would only be for fun around Halloween time. An would be treated like a piece of art the rest of the year. I seen a screen accurate helmet for sale that I think Rick made. Not 100% sure, but it looks like the real deal. I work at Walmart and don’t make a ton of money or any thing. I don’t think that the one guy aniki that makes suits are very accurate at all. I don’t have a big mouth when it comes to this kind of stuff. I could save my money up and gladly buy the suit from you. Could you respond to my e-mail only? You and your team do great work. Do you have a facebook? Please writ me back with good news. I live in Michigan and the thik like leather material that the suit is made up of would come in handy around Halloween time. Ok well that is my message. I understand if there is not a lot of money in the build for you. I am small time. I don’t think any copy right law would be broken seeing it would pretty much be in my room for 99.9 percent of the year. If you can’t make the suit for me, do you know of someone who can help? Thank you for your time, an also for all the wonderful work you and your team have done over the years.

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