Gallagher Reeffish 2

Gallagher Anglerfish 1

Gallagher Jellyfish 1




Gallagher Pufferfish 2

Here are images of some of the strange and exotic things that our client Gallagher likes to dream up for us. As anyone who is aware of his comedic genious would know, his ideas can be pretty bizarre. This series is from his “Under The Sea” phase. The Tie-Dyed Raggae Reef Fish; The News Reporter Angler Fish (Who’s small “lure” end lights up!); and the loveable Pufferfish that inflates when needed. Also seen is Jennifer’s beautiful Jellyfish costume that billowed and flowed as the performer walked, giving it a diaphenous effect like it was under water.

Because of our diverse back grounds and long term experience creating the “unimaginable”, Sticks and Stones can provide product that sometimes defies description, marrying multiple disciplines into impossible designs through technical skill and “outside of the box” thinking.

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