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The Hudsucker Proxy (“You know… For KIDS!”). Who can forget Charles Durning’s great run along the conference table and crash through the window, plummiting multiple stories to his death – Only to return later as an Angel of wisdom for his replacement, Tim RobbinS? Thus goes a Coen Brothers movie. Odd moments and strange behavior are a perfect match for those like us at Sticks and Stones. In this case, Mr. Durning’s wings and a number of specialty flying harness’. With an expanded wingspan of nearly 15 feet, these beautiful examples of feathers in motion had to be flown seperately in order to keep the actor stable while hanging in his own flying harness (Hey, wings covered in feathers act like… WINGS!).

What Production always learns by working with Sticks and Stones is that years of hard won experience translates to saving hours of trial and error. Do it right, do it once. Sure, there are others that will charge you less to “give it a shot!”, but how much does that translate to in production hours over the long run?

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