Mr. Brooks

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Starring Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and Dane Cook, this tense thriller had several things to offer Sticks and Stones. Gruesome murders through throat slicing and a swinging, chained body that comes plummeting from the rafters. The Films Make-up Department head, Francisco Perez handled the on-set effects and prosthetic applications while we were here in the lab creating the full size body and the other prosthetics. It was requsted that he be a “Body Builder” type so we went through our files to find just the right man in the form of Jesse James Youngblood, a well known character actor.

The body is depicted after several days of decomposition and “blood settling” levidity, turning the extremeties and the places the blood tends to “puddle” a blu-black before rot sets in. Yes, sometimes the research and even the work itself can be difficult for the more sensitive of us, but we go at these projects with a scientific verve to find out just the right requirements for the job – no matter how terrifying!

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