“Mort & Priss”


Mort Demo (Mort & Priss) 2 1069







Mort and Priss are an intergalactic couple (“couple” of buffoons!) on vacation when there’s a slight “mishap”. Shot in front of a green screen for a “still” photo shoot, they are to be matted in front of a crashed spaceship to complete the scene. Conceived and developed from an idea by Sticks and Stones co-founder, Rob Burman, this comical scenerio was done as another of his class demonstrations. The one month course taking the students from initial life cast, through to the finished makeup that you see here.

With Sticks and Stones you get more than just the hands that produce amazing work – you get the creative minds that drive them as well. Our “two cents” often lead to wonderful and memorable moments for your project; helping to spread word of mouth and generating people’s interest. Looking for a little inspiration? We’re here to give just that.

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