About Us


Co-Founder of Sticks And Stones, Rob Burman has been in and around the Entertainment Industry all of his life. From the age of 4 while his Father created the work for the groundbreaking Planet Of The Apes with John Chambers, to Rob's own introduction to the craft on films like Cat People and The Thing, he is a thrid generation Artist who's Grandfather created monuments and props as well as sculpting the silver-headed cane from the original The Wolfman (1941). His childhood was filled with the comings and goings of performers and creative people developing what we now know of as the Film Industry. While freelancing, Rob went on to help create the work for films like Ghostbusters, The Fly, Tremors and Scrooged.

In 1994, along with his new Wife Jennifer McManus, Rob started the Costume and FX company Sticks And Stones. There they were responsible for creating work for The Power Rangers Movie, Waterworld, Super Mario Brothers: the Movie, Disney's Flubber and TV shows such as Seinfeld.

Between the two of them there isn't much that Rob and Jennifer can't do. Their non-stop ability to be creative has made them a valuable team contributing to hundreds of projects.

When Rob is asked what he likes to do best, his response is usually, "What do you need?"


Jennifer McManus was born to be creative. From the age of three when her mother encouraged her to start designing clothes for her dolls, Jennifer knew what she wanted to do.


She educated herself at the University of Hawaii, Manoa about the intricacies of East/ West fashion and design. While there she was nominated for the prestigious Po' o Kela Award for her design of the musical "Scrooge". She also delved into puppetry, studying the variations of eastern and western  techniques.


Once on the Mainland, Jennifer spent a year at PCPA Theaterfest in Santa Maria but the call of Hollywood was strong so she moved south to cut her teeth on films like Celler Dweller and The Garbage Pail Kids.


Jennifer's talents were quickly recognized and she was signed on to Costume Design for films like Gallaxies Are Colliding with Kelsey Grammer and Dwyer Brown. Other films came along, "The Zeros", "The Guyver 2: Dark Hero" and "Drive" with Marc Decascos, Britany Murphy and Kedeem Hardison


During this time Jennifer teamed up with Rob Burman to start Sticks And Stones FX. So, while plying her talents in Costume Design, she also created some iconic looks in the form of the title characters for The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie" (Batttle ready superheroes with the styling of a Ferarri). She also created an angelic and saintly look for the cover of The Gogo's: "god Bless The Gogo's album. In Star Trek: Insurection, Jennifer designed the "cloaking" suits used to render the wearer "invisible" (On screen at least!)


The List of Jennifer's creations is long and filled with a wide variety of looks and specialties. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed... right down to the underwear!